Team Meeting, 12 December 2012

Allison Marsh, Jennifer Betsworth, Celia James, Caitlin Mans, and Sarah Scripps were present at the meeting.

Caitlin said that she will commence newspaper research next semester. During break, she plans on updating information from Chronicling America onto Omeka.

Jennifer stated that she has completed newspaper research through 1951-1952. She plans on uploading some of her research on Omeka.

Celia stated that she took part in a conference call with Allison, Anjuli, and Claire to discuss the ELE working group at NCPH. The group has three outside participants. The team will send detailed information about ELE to participants in January and will start a separate blog. Celia requested that someone write a learning module on putting things up on Omeka to share with the working group.

Allison will apply for the next NEH round in January by editing our current proposal. She also recommended that team members post their current research onto Omeka. Given that the majority of research the ELE team has conducted is prior to World War II, she suggested working on the research in two phases, with the first phase focusing on our current pre-WWII research and the second phase extending the exhibit into the postwar era. She offered to speak with Caroline Vereen about putting up a draft of the current exhibit script onto Omeka over break.

Sarah is applying for a USC “SPARC” fellowship to get up to $5,000 in seed money for ELE. The fellowship money will be used for expenses such as image rights, travel for research, and hiring a web developer to help us with the website. The application is due January 31.

According to Allison, Katharine Klein has accepted a position at NMAH to work on American Enterprise!!! Way to go, Katharine! Allison says that Katharine would like to work with ELE as part of her job responsibilities.


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