Newspaper Update

This weekend I was able to get through the end of 1951. The Pacific Mills strike that year finally came to an end after 10 weeks. I found a few articles describing some violence – mostly attacks on mill workers – that might be of interest. Toward the end, the Columbia Record posted an editorial asking for the end of the strike based on its negative effect upon the town. Without 2,300+ people spending money as they normally would, it is not difficult to imagine a dip in the local economy! A few days before the strike was finally resolved, Pacific Mills posted a full-page message in the paper.

After the strike, I got the sense that the Pacific company and community were trying to stay out of the news. One article mentions that Pacific’s low earnings. It was a poor year for Olympia’s sports teams, but I did clip an article that gives a sense of how vicious some inter-Columbia sports matches could be.

As usual, I clipped many articles about issues facing specific S.C. mills or mills in the southeast more generally. One I found particularly interesting discussed the trend of mill workers buying their housing from mills. Another mentions textile industry concerns about a drop in the production of mill machinery.

For now, I plan to stop doing newspaper research. Now that I’m gainfully employed (!) and live farther from downtown, it is more difficult to do it as often as I’d like. I plan to complete a learning module on newspaper research (online and microfilm) by 10/5. I’ve discussed uploading articles to Omeka with Celia, and I plan to start working on that in October. I hope to attend a meeting and see you all soon!

Hours: 4


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