Meeting Minutes, September 18 2012

In attendance:  Allison M, Caitlin M, Caroline V, Celia J

Possible other people to be involved

Evan K is interested in doing GIS for the project (Allison)

  • Can learn some new tasks for this
  • We will need to find and gather materials – we give them to him so he can figure out what he can create
  • Requested:  assemble all the files we know of in different ways
  • Would like to start with an aerial map of the mill (Kate Boyd at TCL)
  • Other: Sanburn map, current floorplan if possible, architectural drawings from the Smithsonian, collection of street-by-street pictures if it includes this area?
  • As many layers as we can get would be intersting (i.e. birdseye map from before the mill)  because we and Evan aren’t sure what can be done yet and things can always be taken away
  • Task:  volunteer to do a few hours of research to collect maps:  Sarah 
  • Allison thinks that Smithsonian may only have the architectural drawing of the Columbia mill, not Olympia — either try to schedule a DC trip this fall or Allison can do it this spring  post on Allison’s task list for now

Allison B also expressed interest in doing GIS work for us; is in GIS class right now but class she is in does not have a final project now (Allison M)

haven’t spoke in detail not sure if this is something that Allison and Evan would collaborate on or if there would be separate projects

  • possible separate project:  if only architectural drawing is Columbia mills, maybe someone could work on that  — question of what is our scope

Angi W (Allison)

  • wants to do oral histories for us
  • meeting with Allison Thursday
  • working on her thesis – (Sarah:  on adaptive reuse of buildings, incl. State Museum/Columbia mill)
  • first oral history person


  • we need to contact – if still interested in oral history, him and Angi would be the team

Meg S

  • not sure about this semester
  • maybe coming to meetings can be involvement?

Research update

  • TASK:  Sarah will update Omeka; let Allison know once some has been done so she can get image permissions (Allison will then make public)
  • Katharine K is interested in helping
  • Will update task spreadsheet (on  ELE Dropbox/Admin)
  • (Caitlin)  Caroliniana may be a good research topic for someone TASK:  ALLISON
  • trying to figure out a good way to have good background research
  • Nice to know what was specifically looked at
  • Going to try to use Omeka as a database of all our research (need to have some way to keep track of research hat has been done)
  • Jennifer won’t be able to continue working on newspapers like she was now that she’s employed – going to ask her to put newspaper research on Omeka and write a learning module that we would then test when putting other research in.

Digital update (Caroline)

  • worked on text of the frontpage.  Text needs work; should be short.
  • Other pages have some text explaining what is or will be there
  • Put up current learning modules
  • TASK:  Celia update LM text updates about what they are, what the testing process is, etc.  Let know by Friday any changes may be made (HTML, comments)
  • First two need to be editted more; Blog and American Enterprise have stronger language and will need less editing.
  • TASK:  Allison be in charge of getting American Enterprise to Peter
  • TASKS assigned for text editing
  • Can we get rid of the User Login?  Going to check at the workshop
  • Contact Us at the bottom of every page
  • save files to ELE’s Dropbox: Digital/Text for Webpage


  • yay, we’re accepted!
  • email was confusing, but assume working group will work the way they have in the past:  NCPH will post and people will apply to us to be a part of it
  • There are a lot of ways to structure; need to decide as a team how to do it
  • Another meeting with Anjuli and Claire next week – before meeting
  • TASK:  Celia – contact A and C about a meeting next week
  • Funding questions about NCPH – department usually helps out


Next meeting:  Tuesday October 2, 1pm in Hollingsworth



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