Meeting Minutes, 7 September 2012

Allison Marsh, Caroline Vereen, Caitlin Mans, and Sarah Scripps met in Gambrell 248A at 3:30pm.

Caroline showed the team the new ELE website. Allison provided Caroline with a list of recommendations for editing the site, including adding links to the top of the page for exhibits and learning modules, drafting additional text on the main page, and increasing the font size of the ELE tagline. Allison and Caroline plan on attending the Droople seminar later this month.

Sarah provided an overview of potential research roles for team members, including oral history, objects, images, maps, archival records, and newspapers. Caitlin agreed to review The State and Columbia Record as well as Library of Congress digitized newspapers. Sarah will begin researching objects at The State Museum and ask Katharine to begin researching materials at other institutions.

Allison asked the team to consider possible additional members, including Brian, Meg, Laura F., and Jen. Allison will also speak to the oral history class about ELE.

Sarah and Caroline tentatively agreed to host a table at the Digital Humanities Open House on Tuesday, September 18. Allison will email the DHC to reserve a table.

The team agreed to switch meeting times to Tuesday mornings at 10am and try to limit meetings to 45 minutes. The next meeting is set for Tuesday, September 18 at 10am in Hollings Library.

Total team hours: 4


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