Quick Update From DC

I have just completed week three of my internship at the National Museum of American History and so far it is going great. It has been challenging at times, but I am learning so much.  This is a very exciting time at the museum, both for American Enterprise and for the museum as it will be receiving a new Executive Director on the 23rd of July.

One of my main challenges so far this summer has trying to find a time to research, while trying to intern and focus on my own thesis research, while trying to manage it with the relatively restrictive hours of archives and professional development opportunities available through my internship.  I luckily have found around 3-4 hours a week I can devote solely to ELE physically doing research.  To do this more efficiently, I have been checking out books and all other materials beforehand so I can know exactly what I need when available.  This past week I was able to look through books while at home and try to find relevant material not available at USC.  In the process, I was able to find a good book that we can order through USC that looks like it will provide good research on all aspects of cotton and cotton production, while also having some great photographs.  However, I am still focusing more on finding materials not available in South Carolina, and so far have a few potential books and one of the National Cotton Council Photographs from 1960 to 1980 that I hope to go through soon.

Though I may not get a chance to do as much research as was hoped for ELE this summer, I am planning on attending a three hour workshop about evaluating web-based learning (Total Cost: 30 dollars). This will hopefully give us good information and possibly new ideas for developing and accessing the learning modules.  This also will allow us to share our project and get feedback with a larger audience of museum professionals.  I plan to take good notes and make them available to all in ELE.

Total hours for ELE the past 3 weeks: 18 hours


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