Meeting Minutes, 24 May 2012

Caroline, Caitlin, Sarah, Katharine, Jennifer, and Allison met at Thirsty Fellow.

Allison set up the ELE website through droople. It is on a university development server that provides easy access to make changes before it goes live. Caroline and Allison are currently administrators. The site will host the learning modules.

Katharine is currently adding her research notes and objects onto the Omeka Olympia Mills site ( Though she is trying to finish her tasks by June 1, she would like to stay connected to the project moving forward. Katharine is currently working on the exhibit text based on her thesis research to deliver to Peter in mid-June.

Allison requests keeping things private when adding items to the Omeka site so that she can check copyright. Currently, there are 60 objects uploaded onto the site and 45 of them are now public.

Caroline is attending an xml coding workshop as well as a website design course. She learned that the design course is not addressing droople but joomla, but will still hopefully provide applicable information. She will start working on designing the website to meet the mid-June deadline.

Caroline mentioned that SCFM is interested in hosting a web development workshop in September. Caroline suggested the ELE project, and the committee was interested in featuring ELE for a half or full day workshop. Allison stated that the ELE could commit to a half day to provide a brief introduction to the project as well as explain our technical choices and metadata procedures. She stated that the ELE team can discuss what we learn from piloting the site for Peter and that we will need to start preparing for the workshop over the summer.

Caitlin will begin her internship at the Smithsonian soon and will research relevant objects in the collection.

Jennifer is continuing her newspaper research and is planning a major blog post before leaving June 4.

Caitlin and Sarah have contacted incoming student Brian Dolphin about conducting oral histories in the fall.

Allison emailed Dr. Donaldson about partnering with the oral history course he is instructing in the fall. She also contacted Jill Koverman about selecting material culture mystery objects from the McKissick collections that are mill related.

Jennifer suggested speaking with Saddler about whether there are any materials in the Folklife Resource Center collections that are relevant to the project and whether we have access to FRC’s equipment. Lana has committed to allowing ELE to use the equipment, and Allison will check to make sure she is receiving emails from the project through Wiggio.

Total team meeting hours: 6; Sarah’s additional weekly hours: 1


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