I uploaded a list of reference material and sources for future research onto Dropbox labeled as Reference Sources.  It is five pages and divided between primary and secondary sources and each source tackles the textile industry in some manner.  The documents listed in the primary source section include brief addresses from the Presidents, Reports to Congress, and archival collections at SCPC.  These sources will discuss trade, technology, and business/social interests (see constituent letters in the archival collections).  Listed in the secondary sources section are books about social and political structuring of the textile industry starting as early as 1880.  There are iconic books on the list-McHugh, Carlton, Andrews- but because we are focused on post- WWII years I suggest reading Brown’s King Cotton in Modern America: A Cultural, Political, and Economic History since 1945 and Anderson’s Social Consequences of Economic Restructuring in the Textile Industry: Change in a Southern Mill Village to start.

One book not listed is Allen Tullos’ Habits of Industry.  This book developed out of oral histories and while tedious and a little slow, I believe it can help those who plan to work with oral histories in the future.

There are many more books out there so please do add to the list sources/reference material that you have found useful.

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