Workshop Possibility

Hello all! 

Hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start! So, at the Professional Development Committee for SCFM meeting last week the committee decided that we would like to have a Fall workshop, around late September, on something digital.  I mentioned ELE and the group seemed really interested in having ELE run part or all of the workshop and teaching SCFM members about creating online exhibits.  I think, if we can get enough together before September, that this would be a really great opportunity for us. Since the point of ELE is eventually to teach museum professionals about developing an online exhibit, this would be a great test to practice and see what questions people have that we may not be addressing at the moment. If we don’t think we could take up a whole day then we could make it a half day on our part and bring in someone else to take up the other half of the day. How do you guys feel about this proposition? Do you think we could pull it off?


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