Modern Cotton Mill Engineering

We are in luck!  I was fortunate enough to locate a digital copy of Whaley’s Modern Cotton Mill Engineering through USC’s Digital Collections and uploaded the pdf to dropbox.  This is an amazing primary resource!  It not only describes the interior of Olympia Mill but also other mills engineered by Whaley- and has pictures!  I have selected a few pages and uploaded them onto Omeka but of course not all 141 pages.  I think it is in everyone’s best interest to read/skim the book, identify areas that support your research, and try to upload the page(s) into Omeka.  This way we all have experience uploading items on Omeka and can point out problem areas if/when we speak with the Omeka people- the metadata cheat sheet is also on dropbox and because it is through digital collections all the metadata is outlined on the webpage so check out

I will load two more documents onto dropbox tonight listing primary and secondary sources for future research. Enjoy the book!

Hours worked: This gem only took me 45 minutes


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