Update Before Washington D.C.

In around two weeks I will be traveling to Washington D.C. for my internship at the National Museum of American History.  Part of this internship will be working to help research and develop the biography section for American Enterprise.  Being able to work on the physical exhibit and attend development meetings will allow me to update members of ELE at USC on the exhibit progress which will help inform us as we continue to develop our materials for ELE.  Additionally, being in DC will give me an opportunity to also at archives, such as the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian’s  for primary sources to aid in the development of the actual exhibit on Olympia Mills. To help prepare me for this and make it most efficient since I am also looking for research for my thesis, I am trying to survey what is available and where I should go.

Besides preparing for DC, I also have started to work on several learning modules.  I hope to have at least a start before I leave for DC, but may have to do a bulk of the work in August as I would prefer to focus on resources available only in DC while I am in DC.   In total, in the past few weeks I have put in 5 hours, but plan to do more the next two weeks before I leave.


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