XML Workshop

So I went to the XML Workshop hosted by the Center for Digital Humanities last Thursday and Friday. What I learned was a greater understanding of what XML coding is and some of the vocabulary. Basically, I learned that XML is a set of coding languages and HTML is one of the coding languages that falls under the XML umbrella. I got a quick review of some basic HTML coding and then the rest of the workshop was about another XML language called TEI which (long story short) is used by people who work with books and manuscripts to make certain notations in their codes. Really applicable to most of the rest of the class, librarians and English majors, but unfortunately didn’t do much for me. The instructor did, however, point me to a website that has lessons in HTML coding on it, http://www.w3schools.com/, which I used to practice and learn new skills. If anyone else would like to learn HTML coding this website is a great tool and not too difficult to navigate. In total, I spent 12 hours at this workshop. I am also going to a website design workshop the next two Fridays so I will update you all on how that goes and what I learn there.


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