Newspaper Update

Good afternoon! In my research time, I was able to get through mid-September 1949. The major Pacific Mills news is an extended period of contract negotiations. Pacific workers renegotiate their contracts every year, and things have always gone smoothly in the past – they haven’t gone on strike since before WWII. This time around, they asked for more vacation days, and perhaps a lighter workload. The mill was resistant, and the workers were very close to going on strike. The final terms of the new contract were unclear from the newspaper coverage, unfortunately.

There were a number of articles about other South Carolina mills that I scanned as well. Some are about mechanization, but many are about employment instability. Columbia Mill fired several hundred workers earlier in the year, and then offered to bring some back on a temporary basis, for example. The tension between Northern and Southern mills is an ongoing article, but the issue of foreign competition was also referenced a number of times as well.

I found a number of pieces about goings-on at Olympia high (such as an “womanless” wedding put on as a fundraiser for the senior class). Perhaps most potentially useful though, was the Olympia article in the newspaper’s series on local schools. It includes a brief history/description of Olympia junior high and high school, as well as a complete list of all the students’ names.

Hours: 4


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