Newspaper Update

Last week was crazy, but I finally managed to squeeze in my research time on Sunday. I’ve updated the spreadsheet, but I’ll wait to upload these files until I stop by the lab with this Friday’s set of research too.

I’ve now gotten to the beginning of April 1949. The Textron saga inspired several more articles concerning the better environment for the textile industry in the South than in New England. I also came across a number of articles regarding issues (technological changes, layoffs, etc.) at other mills.

Articles specific to Pacific were slim. Columbia went through a period of annexation, but it did not appear that the Olympia community was under consideration for annexation (though it was mentioned in an editorial). A full-page piece was published celebrating Granby Mill’s year of record safety that included some excellent images of the buildings, as well as some nurses. The high school and community sports teams had an excellent fall season – including a new league: the midgets and mites. (Elementary kids… aww) For fun, this image was included in a piece about the city’s job rehabilitation and training center. Giving a man glasses makes him a better worker!

Hours (last week): 4


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