Meeting Minutes, 5/3

After our meeting with Peter:  Allison, Celia, and Sarah realized we need strategy for research

  • Assigned Sarah to be head of research, as task manager
  • Capture Katharine’s information for the website, per Peter’s task for us of having a small portion of the website done
  • Revamp research approach, using Jenifer Bettsworth’s model of having people go source by source, going through it holistically and tagging sections and having sections written after the research is done

Assigned Katharine tasks to complete while still fresh in her mind before she goes on to bigger and better things

  • using her section to pilot and a model
  • will fulfill Peter’s task for us for July of having something up on the website

Summer commitments – what can people do, what can’t they do:

Katharine (see last post)

Caitlin M

  • keep ELE up to date with what is going on in American Enterprise
  • archival research as your time allows – Hagley, Nat’l Archives, Smithsonian (was already planning on doing research for thesis)
  • write how-to for finding grants, and for writing first draft of grant, other means of fund-raising
  • contact Brian Dolphin about interest in oral history


  • will keep on keepin’ on
  • July 24th is the day the lease is ending, but will put in 4 hrs/week or so until then
  • Newspaper how-to for learning module


  • Assigning learning modules with end of July due dates (May)
  • Sart to edit and that goes over the summer
  • Editing Katharine’s text (June)
  • Email Sarah Swinney Epps about getting us set up as non-profit and contacting Allison
  • Continue checking email somewhat regularly
  • Set up initial pre-class meeting, connect with Mitch and/or Dr. Johnson


  • involved through mid-June and then not until next semester
  • come up with research plan – come up with what resources are important to us
  • will be 2nd person on oral histories – meaning will contact people Katharine met at OlympiaFest, but tell them we will be recontacting them in the fall for oral history interviews (which will be 2 person process, 1 interviewer/scheduler – x person, and 2nd person to record, topic transcription – Sarah)
  • what will we want from oral history interviews
  • editing with Celia, helping with website
  • Talk to Dr. Donaldson about oral history class
  • Learning modules (Celia will send)
  • Once nonprofit in place, get us checking account
Caroline (not in attendance)
  • taking class
  • get up website for learning modules/documents website

Olympia Fest Update (Katharine)

Joby Castine (dressed as Whaley), interested in working with ELE, introduced Katharine to the Jacos.  Larry Gates and J. Jaco are elders of the community.  Lots of people interested in the project.

Joby Castine is writing a book on Whaley’s brother, would be itnerested in discussing image, etc. rights with us in exchange for helping us (Allison can do that).

Reception to postcard?  Interestedin them; they gave off professional appearance


NOTE FOR NEXT SEMESTER:  Everyone should be in charge of 1 hour or 1 interview transcription

Lana has promised us the Folklife Resource Center materials and equipment

Probably just audio versus video, because video is such a pressing medium

Oral histories next semester, over summer think about what we want to learn from them

New person interested:  Brian Dolphin

Next semester:  Meet with old guard before classes start and then general interest meeting soon after, maybe even during orientation

In attendance (1 hour each): Allison Marsh, Katharine Klein, Caitlin Mans, Jeniffer Betsworth, Celia James, Sarah Scripps


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