Research Meeting, 30 April 2012

Katharine, Celia, and Sarah met to discuss plans for research moving forward. Peter would like a portion of the Olympia website completed by mid-June, so we agreed to focus on Katharine’s sections first regarding globalization and legislation. Once Katharine completes her sections, the group can use the format as a template.

According to Katharine, Olympia Fest was a major success and she made fantasticf contacts (including community leaders Jim Jaco, Larry Gates, and Olympia Fest organizer Joby Castine). Katharine encouraged us to make contact with these folks ASAP for oral histories and to get a list from Jaco of other community members to interview. Hopefully Katharine can write a blog post about her experience.

We also discussed long-term strategies for research. Rather than focusing on drafting particular sections, we agreed that we should divide the research according to sources (following Jennifer Betsworth’s lead). Sarah stated that she could develop a team research plan moving forward. We also developed a template to guide all thematic sections:

Format of Thematic Sections:

  • Prequel/Introduction (provides background information and introduces section
  • Sub-themes (additional sub-headings under major section)
  • Bibliography (list of relevant sources)
  • Tags to relevant American Enterprise themes (the tags will link to a page that explains how the major themes of American Enterprise relate to our project)

Katharine’s To Do List (due June 1):

  1. Come up with drafts for section(s) and identify specific objects and images to incorporate on website
  2. Identify primary and secondary sources from thesis research that are relevant to the project and list what sections they relate to (ie, Habits of Industry, Political Collections, etc)
  3. Write part of other sections regarding legislation post-WWII (technology, labor, etc)
  4. Think about a major timeline for textile industry- make one adapted for Olympia Mills
  5. Identify all Smithsonian objects/collections that are relevant to both individual sections and entire project
  6. Write draft of major American Enterprise themes (knowing these definitions will change as the project progresses)
  7. Dump all objects/images onto Omeka
  8. Write blog post about Olympia Fest

Team hours worked at meeting: 4.5; Sarah’s additional hours this week: .5


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