Newspaper Update

Good afternoon! I’ve now progressed through October 1948.

Pacific workers renewed their contract in July – after a well-timed two week vacation. Only a weeks later, the labor union pushed mills throughout the Southeast to raise wages. Pacific followed suit. Rock Hill, notably, did not – I scanned a number of articles dealing with the strike.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating issues that came up has to deal with the Textron company, which owned mills in New England and South Carolina. (Very similar to Pacific) A huge controversy was stirred up when it was discovered that Textron planned to move all of its operations South to save on costs. South Carolina didn’t mind – New England certainly did. Glancing through this set of articles you’ll find a lot of interesting things – labor, cost of mechanization, materials, and community reactions.

As always, you’ll also find some lighter fare. Pacific Memorial Park hosted a dog show. The Olympia community helped contribute to city-wide efforts to support Columbia’s French sister city. And, of course, Olympia high school continued to excel in football.

Hours: 4


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