OAH-NCPH Conference Update/Meeting Minutes

Here is a brief summary of three meetings concerning ELE during the OAH-NCPH conference:

Digital Drop In

On Thursday, April 19, Celia and I participated in the Omeka Digital Drop in. This meeting proved particularly fortuitous because they paired us with Jordan Grant, the web designer for American Enterprise (he was actually at the team meeting in Washington, DC).

He told us that using Drupal should not be an issue because it can run Omeka, but that we will want to consult the USC IT folks soon to make sure we are on the same page.

We asked if we can run an Omeka site through the USC server. Jordan said that it should be able to work, but encouraged us to consider other hosts so that we have greater control. He suggested either a virtual server (approx. $100) or a hosting service (approx $150/year).

Moving forward, Jordan asked us to check in with him after we have our preliminary sites running. He is currently revamping the AE website and would like to include our project as part of the relaunch (I believe he said the timeline for this is 6 months to a year). Although Jordan is currently a doctoral student, he tentatively plans on staying with the project over the next couple of years and will serve as our point of contact regarding webpage logistics.

Meeting with Peter Liebhold

On Friday, April 20, Allison, Celia, and I met with Peter for an ELE team meeting. We updated Peter on where we are at with the grant, learning modules, webpage, and blog.

Peter mentioned that the Post-WWII Agricultural Collecting Initiative will be convening on July 11 or 12. He said that this group will likely bring new traffic to the AE website, and he suggested that we put up a draft or outline of the Olympia website for these folks to view. Ideally, we would provide the AE with a draft by mid June or early July.

Peter also suggested that we meet with another AE partner who is working on petroleum history in Oklahoma (I did not record this person’s name). He teaches at the University of Oklahoma and might be interested in collaborating with ELE.

We also discussed setting up an ELE-related working group for NCPH. Proposals are due in July. Peter also mentioned that Public History Commons (a website affiliated with NCPH) is a great forum for asking questions and spreading the word about our project.

At the end of the meeting, Peter said that he will make sure to get Allison a Smithsonian ID.

Meeting Follow-Up

Following the meeting with Peter, Allison, Celia, and I met to discuss moving forward. We discussed how we need to develop a plan to get a draft of the Olympia site ready for Peter by mid June.

Allison recommended that we focus on preparing one portion of the website. Since Katharine has done extensive research for her thesis and will likely be leaving the project soon, Allison would like to focus on her sections first. Celia and I will meet with Katharine to discuss these plans.

We discussed that we need a new plan of attack regarding research for the website. I suggested that instead of focusing on specific sections, the team should tackle research according to sources (following Jennifer Betsworth’s fantastic model). We will discuss a new strategy for research at the next team meeting in May.

April 26:  MEETING CANCELLED. In lieu of this meeting, Celia, Sarah, and Katharine will come up with a plan for conducting research.

April 28: Olympia Day. Katharine plans on attending to make contacts and share our project with the Olympia community. All team members are invited to join her.

May 3rd: Meeting at 3:15 in Hollings Library

In preparation for the meeting:  All team members should develop a to do list for summer

Total team hours in meetings at OAH-NCPH: 6

Sarah’s additional hours for this week: 1


One thought on “OAH-NCPH Conference Update/Meeting Minutes

  1. Please note that I previously posted that we are meeting May 2nd. We are actually meeting on Thursday, May 3 (I’ve corrected the meeting minutes above). Thanks for catching the error, Celia!

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