Meeting Minutes 12 April 2012

Caitlin Mans, Katharine Klein, Celia James, Sarah Scripps, and Allison Marsh were present at the meeting.

The time for the NCPH meeting with Peter is still TBD. Allison, Sarah, and Celia plan on attending.

Celia got comments from Jennifer and Sarah regarding the learning modules. The comments were mostly minor. Celia’s would like to adopt an “All Recipes” format for Learn from Experience section by letting other teams post their adaptations to our original modules. Celia will make edits (Sarah got feedback to her late) soon for Allison to send two examples to Peter.

Celia also has drafted the assignments for the modules. She will follow up with people soon.

Caitlin provided a fundraiser update. We made a total of $323

Plans for money raised:

Print 1000 copies of postcard with Vista Print.It costs $100 more to print in color on both sides. The group decided to print the front in color and the back in grey scale. Celia suggested we go with glossy print. The total cost is approx. $100.

It will cost $50 for Caroline to HTML class. We will call this support  a “scholarship” so that Caroline can list it on her CV and we can describe better how our funds were used

Save money for potential future expenses, such as rental cars (it costs $90 per car for trips in Washington, SC)

Norita is looking into whether the History Department can open account for us Allison also inquired with a local credit union and leaned we will need a nonprofit EIA number to open an account. While getting the number is easy, it will require more paperwork with the IRS to get tax-exempt status. Allison suggested adding this task to the group’s to-do list for the summer. In the meantime, Caitlin will hold onto the money.

Caroline has been working on the Smithsonian blog post, but was not present to report on its status. The update has not yet been posted on the Smithsonian website. Allison requests that Caroline send her the blog post before emailing it to Peter.

Sarah or Celia will also write another post after meeting next week with Peter at NCPH.

Allison discussed possibilities for including ELE objects in the Material Culture course either through either the “5 objects” assignment and/or as mystery objects.


Caroline: Send blog post to Allison before submitting it to Peter

Celia: Check gmail account (if she has not already done so)

Celia or Sarah: Post blog update regarding NCPH meeting and submit it to American Enterprise blog.

Everyone: Olympia Mill Village Day is April 28. Katherine will attend and hopefully other people will be able to join her. The plan is to distribute postcards and make a contact list.

Everyone: Think about plans for the summer

Next meetings:

Thursday, April 26- 3:15pm at Hollings Library to discuss NCPH meeting  (Allison will not be present)

Thursday, May 3- 3:15pm at Hollings Library to discuss plans for summer

Team hours for attending meeting: 3.5 hours

Sarah’s additional hours for this week: 2



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