A Collective Thank You!

On behalf of ELE, I would like to thank to everyone who came out to Thirsty Fellow last night to support ELE.  I also would like to thank the Thirsty Fellow for holding our fundraiser and providing great service to such a large and ever growing crowd.  Our Happy Hour lasted from 5-8, and I think it is safe to say we all had a great time enjoying drinks and delicious food. It proved to be a good opportunity to relax and enjoy good company while supporting ELE, do I thank everyone who attended!
I especially would like to thank Caroline Peyton for helping me organize the event.  She was incredibly helpful in creating and helping distribute publicity. In addition to Caroline’s help, we would also would like to thank especially the Graduate History Association at the University of South Carolina for covering the first round of drinks for graduate students.

Overall, the event raised over $250 for ELE.  This came from a combination of donations and also the 10 percent we received from all drinks and food purchased from 5-8 that night at the Thirsty Fellow.  During our time there, we were able to explain ELE and answer questions. Several people asked about how we are planning to use this money  We are planning on using the money for an external hard drive for storing and sharing archival images, especially as we acquire research.  We are also paying Caroline Vereen (ELE’s appointed web developer) to take the University of South Carolina’s Center for Digital Humanities html course this spring.  We will print post cards and business cards to publicize our work.  Both these post cards and business cards were field tested at Museum Advocacy Day where we handed them out to members of Congress and also museum professionals.  Needless to say, the money for  this fundraiser will be well spent.  Again, I really do thank everyone for coming.

We also have larger expenses on the horizon and have been submitting grants to support the project.  We have a $200,000 IMLS grant pending that would support graduate assistantships, fund research travel, and cover costs for securing image rights for our online exhibit.  However, our seed money will be valuable in helping us continue to develop our project.


Total Hours for ELE: 7.5


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