Newspaper Update

Good afternoon!

As of today, I’ve gotten through June 1947. The spring was a busy time for Olympia Schools at all levels, and many of these articles are full of names. A major development for the high school was its reclassification to Division A for sports. Its size still classified it for Division B, but its continued excellence was cause to bump them up a category. Also, after 30 years of teaching kindergarten for the children of Pacific Mills employees, the teacher retired. There’s a nice article about her. Social columns have also reappeared.

Labor issues are there, but subdued. Pacific Mills raised wages by 10%, and developed a new contract with the local CIO. Environmental issues have popped up for the first time, as Pacific Mills was indicted for polluting streams with dye. There were even a few articles regarding technology – one about mill mechanization and another about Pacific Mills’ new “Pacifixed” wool blend. Richland Mill was also profiled twice for its impressive safety record.

I’ll be putting all of these on the external hard drive this afternoon. I’ll be out of town and will be missing the meeting (and my research day!) next week. Let me know if there’s anything I should prepare in advance of the meeting.

Hours: 4


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