Newspaper Research Update

Good morning!

First – as of yesterday afternoon, all of the newspaper articles (Jan. 1944 – Jan. 1947) are on the external hard drive. You can use the spreadsheet as a guide, or just take some time to glance through the headlines.

If you check out the updated spreadsheet, you’ll notice a new category – advertisements! In September 1946, the Columbia Merchants Association held Pacific Mills week. Downtown merchants featured Pacific Mills products in their stores, and in large newspaper advertisements. It seems to have been very successful at raising awareness about Pacific products. Also, as the editor tellingly stated, “For too many years there has been a feeling on the part of some people that Pacific was a section by itself and was not to be considered part and parcel of Columbia. Such false reasoning has done neither the community nor the city any good.” As well as excellent advertisements for both Pacific Mills itself and their products, the newspaper ran several articles about Pacific’s history and importance as a local business.

In other Pacific news, a new community center was dedicated in November. In December, there were two articles about the Pacific Mills dispensary (the second is nearly identical to the first, but has some differences). It’s unclear what inspired them, but they provide some insight on Pacific Mills’ workings.

The Olympia High Red Devils football teams had one of their longest and best seasons ever. They forfeited the state football game (after attempting to change the date – they already had a game scheduled the night before) and played a bowl game in Miami. Even though we’re not researching football, this certainly was hugely important to the Pacific community! Toward the end of my day, I began seeing mentions of the Pacific Terrifics again – you might hear about them next week.

There wasn’t much in the way of labor or larger political themes. Cotton prices are rising, and so is production. However, there was a front page rant from the South Carolina governor about northerners owning textile mills.

That’s all – have a great weekend!

Pacific Mills Week - Sept. 13, 1946

Hours: 4 (not including the meeting)


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