Minutes from 2/28 Mtg w/ Peter at NMAH

ELE: “Learning in Public”

February 28th, 2012

Meeting with Peter @ Smithsonian: 8:30am

–         4 Points: Storyboard

  • Pre-WW2
  • Developing Research
    • Whaley’s Position—Architect, President
    • Working Conditions—Health Conditions
    • Social Conditions
    • Pacific Mills—Tabled at the moment

–         Legacy?

  • “Huge market!”

–         Learning Modules

  • Evolving/ w/ comments
  • Site unknown

–         Themes (4)

  • Incorporated?
    • “states’ rights important”
      • Not Smithsonian’s standards, keep it local
  • Themes in learning module
    • Incorporate them as you choose

–         What standard must you achieve to get your pin on the map? What degree of development is necessary?

Flow chart of ELE website tab linked off of main AE page:ELE Website Flow Chart

–         When do we want our tab?

  • We can do something before we make it workable.
  • April NCPH – deadline for tab? Work group & roundtable & poster.
  • European + Business history in August?

–         Overarching questions

  • When is a story local and when does it become part of a national trend?
  • How do you make it a local story?
  • When does it become a regional/national story?

In attendance: Celia James, Katharine Klein, Shane Lesko, Peter Liebhold, Caitlin Mans, Allison Marsh.  1 hr mtg x 6 = 6 hours worked.

Minutes posted on behalf of Shane Lesko


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