Meeting 3/23

Congratulations to all for the completion of the IMLS grant!

Allison passed out copies of the grant and supplemental material for everyone to see.  In particular, we hope that everyone will look at the supplemental material and make comments so that edits can be made before the meeting at NCPH in a month.

ELE website supplemental material comments

  • it’s just a picture, not yet in html (Caroline)
  • Talked about tab organization:  Smithsonian site requirements under Online ExhibitS; put Online Exhibits as the first tab
  • ELE Publications:  Our White Paper and Scope of Work (already completed) and other documents as they are created – i.e. grant applications (Celia et al)
  • Will we have facebook/twitter?  Group consensus is that it’d be a lot of work. (Allison et. al)
  • Have a contact us section for people to contact us with comments, see who we are, etc.(Katharine et al)
  • At least 2 more pargraphs in the description section:  1 that talks about USC/NMAH collaboration (about us) and another purpose of this site.(Allison) … much of that is already written (Katharine).
  • Add logos:  Smithsonian, USC, Creative Commons [Allsion made an exectuive decision to make all of our work this as a type of copyright that puts it in the public domain:  There is a Creative Commons that says you have to cite our authorship] (Allison)
  • Direct link to American Enterprise and possibly Omeka depending on their level of involvement (Sarah) … perhaps make the “American Enterprise” text in the paragraph a hyperlink (ALlison)
  • What software should we use?  (Caroline)  Katharine finds Dreamweaver easiest.  Might also want to consider the cost of that versus open source which would probably be more accessible to our constituents (Sarah).  Jennifer mentioned that the Slavery at USC website used Weebly, which had problems, but was more user friendly according to that group.  Allison said that USC requires us to use Droople on their server.  It appears this is a new development in USC policy; Jennifer’s fiance Matt recently went to a workshop on Droople and may be able to give us insight into what it is.
  • What about server? (Caroline)  The ELE website will be hosted by NMAH, but Developing ELE blog, Olympia MIlls, AND the Learning Modules will be ours and hosted by us (Mills exhibit and Learning Modules on USC server).  We just found out that the LMs need to be hosted by us because SI education department had no input in them, so they can’t host them (Katharine).
  • Open-ended question: what type of static links do we want?  Maybe this header on the LMs and ELE publications, but not on exhibtis, etc.  Probably should have requirements of having links to AE and ELE
  • Caroline doesn’t yet have the skills to do this, but is comfortable “making the plunge.”
Learning Modules

Learning modules:  should only be documenting the creation of the online exhibit.  We are only documenting how to create an exhibit in the modules.  If people are interested in this 2part process, they can read this blog.

We assigned Learning Module first drafts (see a forthcoming blog post) and went over the LM outline created for IMLS grant.

  • See an Editting redbox under “Exhibition” eventually
  • Edittedn LM outlines

Caroline will take SI blog post.
Allison will update personal bios
People who are working on stuff online should develop questions so Celia and Sarah can go to the NCPH digital dropin.
Other Stuff
We should all be thinking about potential articles that come out of this process.

Caitlin Mans (not in attendance) has a summer internship with NMAH that is partially related to ELE.  Not working with Peter, so good that we’re making connections with other people.

Jennifer:  1944-47 research all loaded on hardrive.  Read her blogs AND get back to her on what you’re looking for.  She’d like to not go year by year if people could give her an idea of what type of info they’re looking for.  Fun teaser for her blog posts:  ads about local clothing that says, “Clothing made by a man to catch a man!”  She’ll put a picture of it on the WordPress. And we could put it in the blogpost for SI.

Speaking of, we need to create a blog post for the American Enterprise website.  Each person was supposed to come to the meeting with a few sentences written about their work done.  Many of us were waiting to decide what we’re doing for the NCPH deadline at this meeting.

Fundraising:  Fundraiser in 2 weeks, we aren’t sure about the percentage, GHA buying first drink just for grad students and all proceeds going to ELE.  Need to make sure Caroline Peyton and Caitlin Man are in the loop.


  • Smithsonian sentences to Caroline Vereen by Monday 3/26
  • Comments on LM and website by Saturday 3/31
  • tell Jennifer what type of research you need – PLEASE!
  • Come up with questions and add them to Dropbox/ELE/Omeka/Questions for NCPH Digital Dropin.doc by 4/10
  • Celia:  email Anjuli and Sarah Swinney Epps and Claire White and Lana Burgess about helping with LMs, write LM post, and email everyone about commenting on the same document with comments not track changes.
  • Caroline: Tell everyone that they need to send her sentences, write intro and combine the sentences into blog post for SI and send to Peter
  • Allison:  collate SI bio and get to Peter
  • Sarah:  email to Caroline Peyton and Caitlin Man about PR ab fundraiser and donation box
  • Caitlin Man:  donation box

Next Meeting:  Thursday 4/12, have everything done for pre-NCPH

In Attendance:  Sarah Scripps, Caroline Vereen, Allison Marsh, Celia James, Katharine Klein, Jennifer Betsworth


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