Fundraiser Planning and Update

I met with Caroline Peyton the Vice President of the Graduate History Association (GHA) at the University of South Carolina to help plan our upcoming event.  To help raise money, ELE and the GHA are together holding an happy hour on April 2nd from 5-7 pm at “The Thirsty Fellow.”  This event with help serve as a benefit for ELE, with ELE earning some of the happy hour profits. This should be a great opportunity to help ELE raise some much needed funds and also will also be a great time to just relax and get together before finals.  For all graduate history students,, the GHA will even pay for your first drink ($5 dollars max).

In terms of helping plan a fundraiser, I have realized how important having a time frame is, in both sending out information and well as working with so many busy schedules.  It has also been a good experience working with a business, which in this case has been great, especially their patience in trying to find a date that would work the best for a majority of people’s schedule. I am however excited for the fundraiser and encourage everyone to come.

Hours Worked In the Past Week: 2.


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