Newspaper Update

Happy almost-St. Patrick’s day! You all have plenty to celebrate after the herculean effort of getting the grant together 🙂

It was a great morning for research! I managed to get through six months of the paper (through August 1946) and found a lot of really good stuff. Workers at Pacific Mills gained two raises during this time, through their coordination with the labor union. As some of the articles I clipped from around the state show, labor issues continued to be volatile as strikes were held across the state. In one case, the mill sued workers to evict them.

The newspaper also profiled Pacific Mills at the beginning of May. They focused mostly on newly-released information about the mill’s impact on the war, as well as its current worker-training efforts. Granby Mill finally got air conditioning in July, years after the other Pacific Mills-owned properties in Columbia.I also scanned several articles that help to show the larger picture of labor issues and concerns facing mills throughout the Southeast, as always.

On my way to close McKissick today, I plan to stop by the graduate computer lounge and put all of the newspaper files, as well as the South Carolina Magazine images, on the external hard drive. Now it should be much easier for each of you to peruse the articles at your leisure. I will do my best to update the external hard drive with new files each week that I research.

I hope these articles continue to be helpful. If anyone has any specific requests, I would be happy to skip ahead several years to a period you are particularly curious about. If not, I can keep on as I have been!

Hours this week: 4


One thought on “Newspaper Update

  1. Whoops! It seems that the external hard drive isn’t here yet. My mistake. I’ll let everyone know when I finally put the files on, though!

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