Grant Proposal Submitted (Sort of)

I just submitted our IMLS grant proposal to SAM/USCERA (the internal USC approval process).  They will go over our budget & make sure we are in compliance with everything.  We can still make changes to the text, so if you see glaring errors, speak up now.

The final grants package is in dropbox, but also linked here: IMLS 21MP ELE.  What do you all think?  First, congratulate yourselves for pulling together & doing some great work.  Then do a critical review.

We are still missing a few pieces.  I haven’t had a chance to write the 1 page abstract, so if anyone could do that, please do it NOW.  We are waiting on some final stuff from the Baranov Museum.  Anjuli is supposed to be getting that to me on Monday.  I need to write a letter of commitment.

I’ll be working with Lumi Bakos in Sponsored Awards to finalize everything.  We have until 3/15 to submit.  I’ll be back in Cola. late on 3/14.


One thought on “Grant Proposal Submitted (Sort of)

  1. There’s at least one typo on the flow chart, but I wasn’t able to edit it when I had opened it earlier – I meant to ask, did you protect things or does that mean someone else has it open? Departmental grants are due tomorrow, but I’ll be able to look at things on the 13th.

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