Supplemental Material

Caroline & Celia have been going gangbusters making supplemental materials for the IMLS grant.  We are using these materials in the grant to show direction beyond the narrative description.  They are also the first steps to having solid materials for Peter for posting on the NMAH website.  As first steps, they would benefit from comments from the team.  I am posting them below and in the dropbox folder IMLS grant/supplemental materials.  (I’ll move them to a more appropriate folder in the dropbox hierarchy after we submit the grant.)  Please post your comments here.  Caroline & Celia may be able to make small changes before we submit on Thursday, but really I see these documents as a base for discussion for our next meeting on March 23.


Caroline’s ELE webpage design (splash page from link off American Enterprise)

Celia’s LM Flow chart

Celia’s Sample LM LM.Starting.Topic.Selecting a Topic


2 thoughts on “Supplemental Material

  1. A second sample LM is posted. These both likely need to be read over for copy edits. I’m sure bigger issues will be addressed, but if someone could copyedit before tomorrow, that would be ideal.

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