Hours Worked and Reflections on Choosing Olympia Mill

For the IMLS Grant, I edited drafts of the grant narrative and project schedule. I also helped Dr. Marsh in developing official ELE letterhead.

I have drafted a learning module on creating a storyboard based on our meeting a couple of weeks ago (see Katharine’s blog summary for more info). It is still in rough shape, but I will try to add it to the modules folder on dropbox by next weekend. I am following Celia’s format to keep the modules consistent.

In response to Celia’s question on how we selected Olympia Mill, I think one reason why it was so difficult to remember was because it was an organic and somewhat arbitrary process. I remember someone  pitching a topic that would showcase the resources of the FRC such as barbeque. Dr. Marsh thought milk would make a great story about local industry. In the end, we let Katharine make the final call as our project leader. She ultimately chose cotton (I’ll let her elaborate on why) and we all supported that decision. I remember liking the topic because Olympia Mill was a regionally distinct example of local enterprise, a historically significant case study in its own right, and we could incorporate images and artifacts from NMAH. The meeting minutes from last spring document portions of these discussions.

Total hours for this week: 12


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