IMLS Grant Update

This week I have building on the strong work by Caitlin & Sarah to refine our proposal to the IMLS.  I have been sending out individual emails with specific tasks, but that goes against our “learning in public” model, so I will post tasks here! (keeping everyone honest)

Sarah — design ELE letterhead (already completed)

Celia — create a flow chart of learning modules & have a sample learning module or two ready to go (for inclusion in the supplemental materials)

Katharine & Caroline — create a splash page for the ELE link from American Enterprise (this is what we discussed at NMAH during our MAD visit, yet no one has written up notes yet!)

Sarah & Lana — edit/comment on the revised narrative (I welcome feedback from anyone)

Anjuli — partnership statement

EVERYONE — write letters of commitment that detail your in-kind contributions (I need a final dollar amount for the budget)  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  I also need 2-page resumes/cvs from everyone.  Put these in the folder on dropbox.

If you haven’t noticed, in my restructuring of the narrative, I just started assigning tasks to people & imposing due dates to our plan.  I don’t have to be the person who does that.  Anyone of you can take up the mantle!

Hours worked so far on the narrative: 15


2 thoughts on “IMLS Grant Update

  1. I’ve commented on the Narrative and added my comments to Sarah’s on the schedule. What else can I do to help with editing, etc? Working on modules and letter tomorrow.

    • Thanks for your comments. They are great. If you, Sarah, and Caitlin agree, I think we should have a learning module on grant writing that shows the revision process: Caitlin’s initial 720 proposal, notes from meeting with IMLS, her revisions, comments from our working session, her round 2, notes from the IMLS webinar, my round 3, comments from you, Sarah, and Lana, and final submission. I think showing the thought process that you and Sarah have detailed in the comments is incredibly informative — I especially like the notes that highlight suggestions over word choice (do we use the word navigate or something more active). These notes really show the writing/revising process — how to make incremental improvements — that you might miss in reading only the first and last copies of the proposal.

      As for more help, getting your letter of commitment & learning modules for the supplemental materials should be your first priority. If you have some extra time (or want to exercise a different part of your brain), could you take a stab at writing the one page abstract?

      As you can see from the post, there are a lot of tasks that have been distributed, which I hope will all be accomplished by Sunday. I will then pull all of the documents together for the grant package. At that point, final editing would be greatly appreciated, as would a review check to make sure we are in technical compliance with the IMLS request (make sure I haven’t skipped a document or have too many pages or wrong margin sizes, etc). I’ll post when that is ready (probably Sunday evening).

      I will submit the grant to USCERA/SAM (USC’s internal grant review folks) on Monday morning.


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