The Blog, Omeka, and the CDH

Glad to hear you guys like the new look of the blog! After Celia gave me administrative permissions I was able to choose a different theme for the blog. Then I used Microsoft Paint to put together the header picture using one of the photos that  Dr. Marsh took and our ELE logo. Finally I added our slogan underneath the ELE logo and created a border around the pictures. Since I don’t have great software this took a little bit of trial and error in Microsoft Paint but after some time I made it work. I also found a background by doing a google search for “maroon background images” and changed the link color to a shade of maroon.

The website is a very basic  draft right now using the storyboard that Katharine, Sarah, Shane and I came up with at our meeting last week and I used the same header that I came up with for the blog, just as a filler for now.  I think this is far from what we hope the website will look like when it is complete, but hopefully worked for the purpose of presenting something to Peter in DC.

Finally I attended a lecture by John Bonnett, a professor at Brock University in Canada who is working with the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) during his sabbatical.  The main outcome of this lecture, as far as ELE is concerned, is that I had a long conversation with Dr. David Miller, the director for CDH, who told me that if we wanted help with OMEKA at any stage in our project we were welcome to stop by the CDH and they would be happy to help us with the technical aspects of the website.

It also occurred to me during this lecture that I could use a 3d virtual imaging program called Google Sketchup to create a 3d virtual model of the mill village that we could put in our online exhibit.  What do you guys think?

Also, Celia, do you think you and I should collaborate to put together a learning module for creating a blog?

Total Hours: 8


4 thoughts on “The Blog, Omeka, and the CDH

  1. Sounds great Caroline! I would think there is appropriate software available in computer labs on campus to make it easier for you? Perhaps ask the people in the Gambrell lab or in TCL?

    Also, is there anyway to put a listing of categories on the blog? Perhaps where it says “Archives” and “Meta” on the right side of the page? Now the only way to look up categories is when they are listed on a post or through the editing page. Thanks!

    And, a learning module sounds great, though maybe we need to think philosophically about what the purpose of learning modules is. Should they be related solely to creating an online exhibit, in which case we don’t need one, or all our work in general, in which case we would. Let’s think about that at our next meeting.

  2. Oh! I also meant to say the CDH thing sounds great. I’m glad you were able to take advantage and do some networking 🙂 I wonder when we could get up there or if the next time we go up we split – some of us go to DC and some to Fairfax (where GMU and the CDH is). I’ve been to the CDH; it was a nice place – and lots of nice people. I imagine “stopping in” means giving them plenty of heads-up?

    • Just to note: The CDH is USC’s Center for Digital Humanities. It has no affiliation with the CHNM George Mason’s Center for History & New Media (the Omeka creators). However, I understand that the CDH has at least some experience with Omeka. If they are now offering a drop in service, by all means, please take advantage!

  3. One last thing, and this is my final comment, promise! I played with changing the tagline of the blog from “Just another wordpress blog” to “documenting the process of creating Exhibiting Local Enterprise.” I’m totally open to that changing, but thought it needed to be more ELE-y

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