Exhibit Storyboard

Caroline, Sarah, Shane and I discussed and planned the storyboard for the online exhibit that we will present to Peter on Tuesday.  We developed an outline, which was added to the dropbox exhibit script folder (wasn’t clear where else to place it) and I made an organization chart with the major headings and subheadings, also added to exhibit script folder.  We also discussed which of the American Enterprise themes (Innovation, Opportunity, Competition, and Common Good) we hope to explore in each section, included next to the section heading in the outline document. Also, Sarah agreed to write up the learning module for creating a storyboard.

Outside of the already assigned topics, we added an Introduction, Going Global section, Legacy of the Mill/Conclusion section, and tabled the idea of a Pacific Mills section until we learn more about the company.  The Global section will discuss international trade and textile legislation in order to establish the post WWII environment for the industry as a whole and how Olympia worked within those constraints until its closing.  The Legacy section will discuss the closing of the mill and its reuse as an apartment building, wrapping up the exhibit.  Based on previous discussions, we assigned the Legacy section to Allison and the Global section to myself.  Because of my familiarity with the industry, I will also tackle the Introduction that will explain the shift of the textile industry from the North to the South and the overall growth/status of the industry in South Carolina prior to the building of Olympia Mill- this will create an easy transition into the Whaley section.

In the end, we came up with two questions for Peter concerning the storyboard. 1. Does Peter want ELE to push all of the American Enterprise themes in each section or only the ones that we see apply?  2. Do we want to have our partners use the American Enterprise themes in their histories?

Total hours worked all together: 6


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