Business Cards & Post Cards

We have materials!  Thanks to Sarah who put in numerous hours yesterday (don’t forget to list hours worked), we have some great designs.  The designs are posted in dropbox under admin/publicity.  There are both publisher files and pdfs of the business cards and post cards.  Folks outside of USC can feel free to print their own copies and use them to spread the word about ELE.

I had 50 post cards and 100 business cards printed at Kinko’s (which is now called FedEx Office).  Kinko’s was expensive & they didn’t do the best job (I think their cutting blade was dull), but the cards will serve their immediate need for Museum Advocacy Day.  We can also use this as an opportunity to get feedback on the materials from Peter et al to see if we want to make any changes before doing a larger print job with a cheaper online vendor.

I am meeting with Katharine on Wednesday.  I will give her the cards to represent the MAD group.  I will keep a few for myself, Sarah & Jennifer.


In other news, I love the new header!  Very professional looking.  Caroline, did you do this?  Great job!


Allison’s Hours Worked: 2


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