Metadata for Omeka

After reading the exhibit scripts this week, I was able to curtail an image search to the specific topics and update the Omeka database with more relevant images.  As we progress and develop the exhibit, this will happen more frequently and I think this is a good time to restate the necessary metadata fields discussed during the fall for those updating Omeka.

The necessary fields are title, subject, description, creator, source, publisher, contributor, date, rights and identifier.  Title, subject, description and date are straightforward (please use the title offered by the source) and add any relevant information into the description that cannot be determined from the item.  Creator and publisher are currently listed as the same; i.e. Underwood and Underwood are the photographers and the publishers.  Source is the collection, holding institution, and/or website where you found the item; i.e. the M. Lowenstein Corporation records, Mss. 134, Special Collections, Clemson University Libraries, Clemson, S.C., and website.   We want to make it as easy as possible for a researcher to find the item.  Contributor is you, initials or full name please, and the identifier is the call number or digital reference number of the item.   Rights are extremely important!  If the item is not listed in the public domain, check the bottom of the page for copyright information, homepage, etc. until you know their rights and reproductions requirements and fill in the field with the information; i.e. contact special collections for copyright information.

Remember, if you are using a repository like NYPL or LOC the necessary metadata details will be provided.  If they are not obvious or you are using a website like Flickr, right-click, hit view page info (or view image info), and select Media tab.  Click on the address that is labeled image in the “type” field until you find the image you are looking for (it should appear in Media preview), and see Associated Text.  This will at least provide you with the title, creator, publisher and source information.

Please consult the Omeka Database Field document on Dropbox if you need more clarification or feel free to contact me with questions regarding the fields or if you need help with search keywords or navigating the database.

Total hours worked (not including Feb. 19 meeting): 4.5


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