Meeting Minutes, Sunday, Feb 19th, 2012, Allison’s House

Caroline Vereen, Shane Lesko, Caitlin Mans, Allison Marsh, Sarah Scripps, and Katharine Klein were all present at the meeting. The meeting took place at Allison Marsh’s house from 2-4:30pm.

The group discussed flyer/business cards. People offered suggestion’s to Sarah’s drafts posted in dropbox. Shane looked at comparative printing prices for Moo and Vista Prints, but the group decided to go with Kinko’s due to time constraints. Caitlin offered to ask Jennifer Betsworth about photographs of the Olympia clock tower that could be added to the postcard (it needs to be emailed to Sarah by tomorrow at 5pm in order to be added to the postcard). Allison agreed to look at printing costs and submit the documents at Kinko’s. Sarah will make edits to the PR materials by 6pm tomorrow so that Allison has time to put in the order prior to MAD.

The group discussed drafts of the exhibit script. Katharine suggested that everyone include ideas for potential photos. She has also uploaded more images to the Omeka site. Allison requested that writers include footnotes in the rough drafts of the scripts.

Katharine suggested that the group prepare a mockup sample page of the website for Peter’s review. Caroline agreed to prepare the sample webpage.

Sarah wondered about issues of copyright and webpage design moving forward. Katharine responded that copyright is captured in the Omeka metadata. Allison offered to take the lead on copyright issues, including creating a learning module. Caroline offered to take the lead on design and even give a workshop to the group if necessary. Other suggestions included speaking to Omeka about our website needs during NCPH and applying for a Digital Humanities startup grant.

Because everyone’s script was different in scope, the group agreed to hold a follow-up meeting to create an overall storyboard for the website, including how different areas reflect the American Enterprise themes of opportunity, competition, common good, and innovation. Caroline, Sarah, Katharine, and Shane will meet at the library on Wednesday, February 22 at 9am. We will present the overall plan of the website to Peter during MAD.

Sarah Epps has agreed to do research regarding Pacific Mills at the national level. Sarah Scripps stated that she will be in the Boston area in May, and offered to do archival research on Pacific while she is there.

Caitlin agreed to have a revised version of the grant ready for Peter’s review at MAD. The final grant deadline is March 15.

Allison suggested that we also show Peter a learning module. Sarah stated that Celia will be working on the learning modules when she returns, and she offered to email Celia about preparing a sample module for Peter.

Allison reminded everyone that the main goal of the project is “curation through active reflection,” and to document different questions and issues that come up, such as issues in scope at the local, regional, and national scales. She encouraged the group to keep blogging and begin developing learning modules that reflect on the process.

Shane stated that he works best with intermediate outcomes. In order to keep setting deadlines, the group set the next two meeting dates: Tuesday evening, February 28 in Washington, DC to debrief the meeting with Peter, and Friday, March 23 in Hollings Political Collections. During the break between the two meetings, the group will work on submitting the grant.

Upcoming Meetings/Deadlines:

Monday, Feb 20: Revised PR flyer/business card submitted to Kinko’s (Sarah and Allison)

Wednesday, Feb. 22: Meeting to plan website storyboard, Library Circulation, 9am (Shane, Katharine, Caroline, Sarah)

Prepared by Tuesday, February 28: Sample module (Celia), sample exhibit webpage (Caroline) and draft of grant (Caitlin)

Tuesday, February 28: Meeting with Peter in Washington, DC

Tuesday evening, February 28: Internal follow-up meeting to debrief discussion with Peter in Washington, DC

Wednesday, March 15: IMLS Grant final deadline

Friday, March 23: ELE meeting at Hollings Political Collections, Thomas Cooper Library

To assemble for meeting with Peter on Tuesday, February 28:

1)      Flyer and business card

2)      Sample learning module

3)      Storyboard of exhibit website

4)      Draft of IMLS grant

5)      Sample page of exhibit website

Six participants X 2.5 hours for meeting = 15 hours worked


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