Machinery Research/ Flyer Update

Shane and I agreed to each put forward drafts of business cards and flyers so that the group can decide what they like best about each option. In conducting research for the machinery section, I came across the fact that the UNC-Chapel Hill Southern Oral History Collection holds over 200 interviews from mill workers in the Piedmont. Although  mills in Columbia were outside of the project’s scope, researchers did conduct several interviews in the SC upstate, so we may want to check it out. I also learned recently that I will be going to Massachusetts in May for a workshop. Since the Pacific headquarters were in Boston, I could take a couple of days to do research for ELE. Does anyone know of any archives in MA that carry holdings of Pacific?

I (or rather, Allison on my behalf) posted my machinery draft in the “Exhibit Drafts” folder, and the mock business card and flyer in the “Publicity” file under the “Research” folder.

Total hours worked (including Toth workshop): 11


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