Research Update

Newspaper research continues to go well. I’ve now made it through the middle of August, 1945.  After V-E day, there seemed to a be a lot more instances of the words “Pacific” and “Looms” – not in a way useful to our project, though. The articles I found start to get more at the transition to a post war environment, as well as resolving worker concerns. Pacific Mills got a pay raise. On an organizational note, I have made the spreadsheet category “SE Mills” less broad. I have created a new category “Columbia area mills” to  indicate articles that don’t specifically mention Pacific or are about other local mills.

I still haven’t heard that the external hard drive is in the grad lounge. Until then, feel free to email me at to see any files that look intriguing.

I also finished my learning module, Using the National Register as a Research Tool, and handed it over to Celia.

Hours: 5.5 (2 learning module, 3.5 research)


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