Meeting Minutes 2/10/2012

In attendance:  Allison Marsh, Sarah Scripps, Celia James, Jennifer Betsworth, Caitlin Mans, Caroline Vereen

Allison has some updates:

  • Peter has blocked out time for 2/28 for those of us in ELE going to MAD.  He knows we won’t know time til 2/27, but has lots of time that day avialable for us.
  • Anjuli is in as a parnter for the IMLS grant.  Claire is not a partner b/c Nantucket Historical Society is also submitting for a grant, Sharon Leon from George Mason Center for History and New Media is in as a partner
  • Mike Toth Project Management Workshop next week – she told us about him:  he works on getting academics to talk to museums to talk to scientists.  Good person to talk to; come if you can.  He is willing to meet and talk with us about anything.
  • The file cabinet is in Allison’s office – needs to get file folders before moving into lab.  Once it’s in Jennifer will bring her research and Caitlin will bring hardrive.

Jennifer is about 1/2 way done with her module and just updated the research spreadsheet on Dropbox.  If you need specific files you see on the spreadsheet, she’s happy to send you files if you need them before they get onto the hard drive.  Just tell her the number –  She’s now through March 1945.


  • Museum Professionals – great outcomes (2nd set on Caitlin’s post).  Perhaps reorder them – make the 2nd one last so as to flow in a more logical way.
  • The first set on Caitlin’s post, seem more like bullet points that would go elsewhere in the grant.
  • Think about words:  i.e.  instead of “work with,” “collaborate”
  • Like “21st museum professional skills”  – mirrors language of grant, which is important in the ‘art of grant writing.’  Might want to be more specific at some point what those are but good to also include that language.
  • Really like Jennifer’s first outcome.
  • Need to think about measurability.  Methodology to do pre and post surveys with our beta testers.  Don’t need to say what we’ll pt in those surveys, but important that we will have them.
  • Will use the letter one for our business cards
  • Make a postcard with the Olympia Mills logo to tell people about our project.
  • Like the logo Katharine drew (thank you, thank you) but want to make logo–y, i.e. with cleaner lines, more modern, more industrial, perhaps something that’s more like a punch-clock.  Celia will try to email Amy Caffee to see if she’d be willing to do that since it would be a clear task.
  • Perhaps something along the lines of Charles Sheeler’s lines:
There is a digital drop in at the conference Thursday April 19 from 1:30-4:30.  We should be sure to go.  Keep that in mind for crafting specific questions before April.

Hours worked this week (incl this meeting):

Jennifer:  9 ; Celia:  1 ; Caroline:  2 ; Caitlin:  3 ; Allison:  1.5 ; Sarah:  2


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