Outcomes: Some Basic Ideas

This week we were each asked to suggest the desired outcomes for different components of ELE. To help us shape our outcomes, we were to learn from materials at this website: www.shapingoutcomes.org.   In working on this exercise, we are able to not only learn how to better create our outcomes, but to work more with the language needed for writing grants.

This grant will enable ELE to:

Conduct workshops with our various partnership organizations.

  • Research for the development of online materials.
  • Reach a broader and more diverse audience, especially those rural museum professionals and others with little resources or training.
  • Work with partner institutions to create and refine online learning modules and templates.
  • Apply to conference as a poster or working group next year.
  • Allow University of South Carolina graduate students to gain professional skills while helping other museum professionals develop museum skills for the 21st century.

Museum professionals as a result of using the learning modules will be able to:

  • Conduct primary and secondary research in order to develop an online exhibit.
  • Seek out and apply for sources of funding.
  • Utilize online platforms to create an online exhibit featuring local history.
  • Create platforms that enable them share their local history with a greater and more diverse audience.

These are just some basic outcomes that I have come up with as a starting point. I utilized the materials on the website in addition to some from my meeting this past week to discuss the IMLS grant with Dr. Burgess. This weekend I am going to begin reworking parts of the grant using as an example the NEH grant from this summer along with additional materials that I have been researching.

Total hours worked this past week: 4.


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