Outcomes: thoughts

Hi folks,

So sorry but I haven’t been able to devote much time to ELE this week, meaning I also haven’t spent much time on the Outcomes site.  While I didn’t have time to explore the program, the most useful individual page I found there is:  http://www.shapingoutcomes.org/course/evaluate/d3.htm.  It states that outcomes need to be:

  1. measurable
  2. changes in participants’skills, attitudes, knowledge, behavior, status, or life condition
  3. define success
  4. are a result of program


I don’t have a clear set of outcomes to post, I apologize, but my thoughts are similar to what Jennifer said in her post earlier today:

Users will (1) effectively train volunteer staff in professional research and exhibition methods and (2) gain confidence in their personal and institutional ability to engage a digital audience.

I think these clearly address point 2 above, however, I would push them further to think about how we could make them more clearly relate to the other 3 characteristics of outcomes.  That being said, I have some thoughts.

  • Do we need to make each outcome individually state how it fits these needs or could there be an overall introduction to the outcomes stateing that they would be a result of using the ELE learning modules (need 4) and that the development of an online exhibit contributing to ELE would define success (need 3).
  • Are there other ways we can define success for institutions that may use the learning modules to learn individual skills but choose not to contribute to ELE?
  • With the idea that success would be both contributing to ELE or learning skills, how could we measure them?  Thinking about this, we should probably work especially to think about how we can reword the outcomes Jennifer posited above to make them “measurable.”  For instance, in outcome (2),  I agree that “gaining confidence” is very important, but I can’t think of way to measure this.  Perhaps we could tie the idea of confidence to specific modules – are they able to pick a platform, etc (other digital learning modules we haven’t yet developed).
  • While I think reworking the language to make it more measurable, I’m still left with the question – how would we measure this?  Would we make a survey for people who use the site to respond to?  Would we require people to “login” so that we could contact them at a later date to ask about the usefulness of the learning modules?  I think these are things we probably need to start thinking about with the outcomes.

Sorry I don’t have more specifics to contribute, but hopefully my thoughts will be helpful in moving forward.



Celia’s hours worked week of 1/30:  1




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