Newspapers Update

If you check the primary research folder in dropbox, you’ll find that I’ve updated the spreadsheet. I really wanted to get through the end of 1944 today, but a few interesting things came up that slowed me down.

I found a lot more articles that were more directly about Pacific Mills, including tours of the Mill, as well as a strike in October. I also found the need to create a new category – Olympia High. In particular, there is an intriguing article about low enrollment at the school. This did not affect their powerhouse football team, of course. I only copied a few articles about their games, and came across a few pictures of Olympia High players (that include names).

The Pacific News social column seems to have dropped off altogether, even though they still exist for plenty of other Columbia-area communities. The tone of the newspaper is decidedly anti-union, and it has published several pieces blaming lack of output on the simple will of cotton mill workers. (i.e. They could produce more if they only wanted to!) There’s no way to know, but maybe the column gave too much of an impression that Mill workers were enjoying too much free time.

I didn’t have the chance to spend as much time with the Outcomes and IMLS websites as I’d like. I did come up with two drafts/ideas of outcomes for the module audience, though. Users will (1) effectively train volunteer staff in professional research and exhibition methods and (2) gain confidence in their personal and institutional ability to engage a digital audience.

I plan to devote a chunk of my weekend to knocking out a large part of the National Register module. Hopefully I’ll have plenty to say about it next week!

4 hours.


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