IMLS Webinar

I listened in to the IMLS webinar on Feb 1 at 3:00.  We already knew most of the information, based on our meeting with Twinet, talking with Lana, or reading the program information online.  But here are a few updates & pointers:

1) A quick note on competition: This is a very competitive grant.  Last year they had 52 applications and funded 10.  In 2009 they funded 11% of applications.

2) The biggest take home message that Mark gave for writing the narrative was “tell a great story.”  (For those who haven’t already heard this from me, it is a refrain I offer for almost every single writing assignment — who wants to read boring stuff?)  Of course, Mark followed up by saying to make sure you have a compelling argument.

3) Two places where applicants often fall down: having a clear evaluative component & describing the communities you will serve.

4) There is only one project director (no co-pi).  I will take on that lead.  Other positions can be described with their responsibilities in the key personnel.

Allison worked 1 hr.


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