Newspaper Research Progress

I’ve been spending some time at RCPL, and I have plenty to report!

First – I did a quick search of South Carolina Magazine for mentions of Pacific Mills. I only looked through issues from 1938-1954, but I found plenty for you! There were a few articles, images, and advertisements that I photographed. As there were not too many of these, I went ahead and uploaded them to the dropbox. You can find them in dropbox (Research/Primary Research/South Carolina Magazine). The magazine goes through the seventies, I think, so I can continue searching through if you’re interested.


Second – newspaper research! I decided to focus the majority of my research on the Columbia Record. While I have never researched this specific time period before, I have found that the Record is better at publishing pictures and is a bit more boosterish. The boosterism tends to increase the number of articles about local institutions/organizations, I’ve found. I started in 1944, and have made my way to August.

Instead of posting all of the articles I have scanned to dropbox, I have created an excel spreadsheet of the files I have. (You can find it in research/primary research) So far, I have categorized my findings based on the general contents of the articles. The majority of what I have found is more social in nature.  About once a month, “Pacific News,” a social column of comings/goings and social events is published (Social Column). This is especially useful if you’re interested in specific individuals. I’ve also found articles about event being held at the community center, church, or school (Event). I have also found articles more directly related to the business of running the mill. In most cases, these refer to the Southern textile mill business in general (SE Mills) while some are about Pacific alone (Pacific Mills).

If you have some time, please take a look. I’ll be more than happy to post this set of articles on dropbox, if you’d prefer, or send you articles by email. Unless anything changes, I plan on being at RCPL Thursday mornings from 10-1. If you have time, feel free to join!


Third – I have just begun working on a learning module about using the National Register to do research. I have my outline all worked out, and at this point I’m getting it typed up. I hope to be able to get it to you within the next few weeks.

Hours (January so far): 12



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