ELE Email Address and blog categories

This week I did some catch-up electronically as well as looked over the grants in preparation for our meeting (which I’m leaving for as soon as I post!)

First, and perhaps most important:  I’ve set up our ELE email address that we can use to put on buiness cards.  It is:  columbiaELE@gmail.com.  I figure this sets us as the group working on ELE and the Columbia Mills project; plus ELE is too short according to gmail and ExhibitingLocalEnterprise rather long.  We’ll need to designate a person/system for checking the email.  I’m happy to take that on for the rest of this semester, but can also give everyone the password – just ask 🙂

I also sent out an email about this blog thanking those who’ve posted (and thanks to those who have continued to post!) and making sure everyone has access.  We’re asking that you try and post each week about the work you’ve done and note the hours you’ve worked.  See the blog as a place to post both your research outcomes and questions and any concerns with any part of the project.  Remember in no way do we expect these to be polished. Just throw something, anything, up there!  The more we document now, the easier it will be to turn that documentation into learning modules in the future.

In the email I outlined the blog categories, which will help us when we go to write learning modules or want to look for specific information.  They are outlined below for easy access.  Please categorize your blog post as needed, though I can also do so afterwards.

  • Development (funding, groups, grants, etc)
  • Digital Mill (Omeka, ELE website for learning modules, this DevelopingELE blog)
  • Hours worked
  • Learning Modules and Testing ELE (the first is any post pertaining to Learning Module development and the second is a child category about testing modules)
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Mills Research (where most posts I imagine will be for now – post here the research you’ve been doing and research questions. If we get a lot in this category and it becomes apparent they are about different aspects of the Mill, we can go back and add child categories or tags to further differentiate).

Hours worked week of 1/22:  3 + this evening’s grant meeting


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