January 11, 2012 @ 4:30pm in McKissick Museum, 2nd floor lobby

Caroline Vereen, Caitlin Mans, Katharine Klein, Celia James, Shane Lesko, Sarah Scripps, and Allison Marsh were in attendance.

The group confirmed to meet at 3:15 in Hollings Political Collections on the alternate Fridays of Charleston Field School. Caitlin will reserve the rooms and send a schedule once she receives the final syllabus.

Katharine added an update from the Smithsonian American Enterprise team to Wiggio. The document provides an updated overview of the exhibit as well as current issues with the project.

Katharine also uploaded potential logos to Wiggio. The group voted on using the 2nd option for the website and a simplified version of the 3rd option for print materials.

Allison discussed two important dates when the team will have an opportunity to meet with Peter in person. In preparation for these meetings, the group set deadlines for completion:

February 27-28, Museum Advocacy Day, Washington, DC: Caitlin, Katharine, Allison, and possibly Celia will be attending

Due: A draft of five learning modules, draft of all research sections, business cards and fliers (all due February 17 for review during a follow-up meeting on February 19 at Allison or Celia’s house from 2pm-5pm)

April 18-22, NCPH Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI: Celia, Sarah, and Allison will be attending

Due: Five learning modules uploaded onto the webpage, research sections refined and added to Omeka (online exhibit 80% complete)

Allison discussed ELE research partners Sarah Swinney Epps and Jennifer Betsworth. Jennifer will be researching local newspapers. Allison agreed to ask Jennifer to post regular blog updates on her findings. Katharine agreed to ask Sarah Swinney Epps to do research of national newspapers to trace Olympia Mill and its national owner, Pacific Mills.

Celia requested that team members continue to blog regularly and to submit recommendations for learning modules. Allison stated that the blog posts do not need to be perfect. The team agreed to blog weekly and add the hours they worked on ELE to the bottom of each post for grant tracking.

Caitlin and Caroline have submitted drafts of grants to the group for review. Allison recommended reviewing the summer grant application and duplicating that language in the new proposals. The group agreed to set up a separate meeting to provide feedback on Friday, January 27 from 4:15pm-6pm at McKissick Museum. Allison will ask Lana Burgess and Sarah Conlon (who both have grant experience) to attend the meeting and provide comments. The group also may purchase pizza during the meeting.

For fundraising, Caitlin secured a restaurant venue that is willing to host ELE in March or April. Katharine and Sarah suggested holding the fundraiser in April as a departmental end-of-year event held with the GHA and/or History Center. The group agreed on April 2nd or 16th as potential dates. Sarah will ask other GHA officers about the event and confirm with Caitlin.

Sarah suggested that the group create business cards and fliers. Shane and Sarah agreed to take the lead on this project and will prepare drafts by February 17 for the group to discuss during the February 19 meeting.

Celia suggested that the group submit a proposal for the NCPH 2013 workshop series. Celia agreed to follow-up on deadlines.

Allison suggested that the group consider the Olympia Mill reunion as a potential source for oral histories.

Caroline will begin building the website once more research and learning modules are completed. She plans to have something in place by NCPH so that Omeka employees attending the conference can potentially provide feedback. Allison encouraged everyone to develop questions for the Omeka team prior to NCPH.

Caitlin purchased an external harddrive for backing up work and storing large files. Allison will get a file cabinet with a lock for the grad lounge to store the harddrive and hard copies.


Regular meetings: 3:15pm, Hollings Political Collections, alternate Fridays to Charleston Field School (Caitlin will confirm dates)

Friday, January 27, 4:15pm-6pm: Grants meeting at McKissick Museum (pending Lana’s confirmation)

Friday, February 17th: Draft of 5 modules, research sections, business cards, and fliers due to Digital Dropbox

Sunday, February 19th, 2pm-5pm: Group review session (location TBD- Celia or Allison’s house)

Monday-Tuesday, February 27-28: Museum Advocacy Day, Washington, DC

April 2nd or 16th: ELE Fundraiser at local restaurant, hopefully held in conjunction with the GHA and History Center

April 18-22: NCPH Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI

Sarah’s hours, January 5-12, 2012: 3


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