December 12, 2011 @ 1pm in Gambrell 248

Discussed December 13 meeting at State Museum to see collections with Michelle ______

Discussed Schedule for December 15 trip to DC:

  • 8:40 Plane to Manassas, touchdown by 10:30
  • 11:30:  Arrive in DC
  • 12:00 NEW STUDENTS:  IMLS Grant; Others lunch/work in archives
  • 1:00 Talk with Peter
  • 2:00 Exhibit Team Meeting/can work in archives if desired

Discussed Research

  • Sarah Scripps:  Realizing most information on technology is on pre-1945; very little secondary sources – wondering if
  • Caitlin Mans:  Research at Caroliniana
  • Katharine Klein: Working hard
  • Jennifer Bettsworth:  Willing to do newspaper research – post your research questions here on for her to have an idea of what she’s looking for
  • Shane:  General history and background – has identified various libraries for research; hoping to find personal effects and look at Sandborn Maps to see changes in property over time
Question about documenting research:
  • Can do for your own personal use.
  • Once we get to the point where we have objects/images to add to the collection, we will need to work on getting permissions
  • We have already put together a method of cataloging for our project in Omeka, Katharine will post to blog

We discussed that we need a more consistent organization and debated the pros-cons of various resources.  We decided:

  • WordPress Blog:  Post your research at least one or two times per month.  This will be used to update all other ELE members on your work as well as serve as sources for the creation of learning modules.  Be sure to place your post in the appropriate category and tag as needed.  Celia will invite everyone as authors or editors.
  • Hard drive:  backing up research and raw data images.  Caitlin has bought for $53 and we’ll put together a sign out sheet.
  • Digital Dropbox:  Upload documents.  Allison will invite everyone.
  • Wiggio:  Use for emails.

In attendance:  Sarah Scripps, Caitlin Mans, Katharine Klein, Allison Marsh, Celia James, Jennifer Bettsworth, Shane Lesko


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